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Cheap Flights to Pakistan

Pakistan overview

When is the best time to book a flight to Pakistan?

Peak season:

The seasons vary depending on where you are in the country. The North has very hot summers with temperatures of up to 45 degrees but then cold winters that are well below zero. The Northwest has rain throughout the whole year but isn’t too hot or too cold. Cheap flights to Pakistan are available during the summer but this is the busiest time of year to secure your flight tickets. Islamabad is best visited during November to May as the heat isn’t as strong. Due to this a lot of tourists visit and book flights to Pakistan making it harder to find deals.

Off Season:

There isn’t really an off season in regards to weather as Pakistan has hot weather in some parts all year-round. That said there are parts which drop well below zero in the winter so once you’ve decided where you want to visit check what the weather is like. Secure your flight tickets early in the year to find the cheapest flights to Pakistan during this time of year. There are festivals all throughout the year so once you’ve chosen your place see if you can find cheap flights to Pakistan during an event to really experience some culture.

When is the best time to book a flight to Pakistan?

There is a big variance in the cost of flights to Pakistan. You can find some deals from £400 and some flights to Pakistan can be in the thousands. Making sure to check if any festivals are on will give you a better chance of securing cheaper flight tickets.  Book your flights to Pakistan three or four months in advance and try to avoid the peak of heat in the summer as it can be relentless. You can get spectacular views on either side of the plane depending on where you are flying into. Avoid sitting beside a wing though else they’ll obscure your views. If you can be flexible with your dates and destination then you’ll find the cheapest flights to Pakistan and by booking in advance you’ll have loads of time to find great deals on accommodation too.

How long is the flight to Pakistan?

Flights from London to Karachi: 7 hours 45 minutes

Flights from Manchester to Islamabad: 7 hours 40 minutes

Flights from Birmingham to Karachi: 11 hours 10 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Islamabad: 13 hours 10 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Pakistan?

Pakistan International, British Airways, KLM and Emirates are the major airlines that provide flights to Pakistan. The prices will vary depending on where you are hoping to go but on average know that Emirates will be more expensive but you’ll receive a very high standard of service and comfort. British Airways can offer some great deals if you plan ahead and book early enough, and they provide free snacks and beverages onboard so a cheap flight to Pakistan with then can be great value for money.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Islamabad Airport:

The easiest way to get to the city is by using one of the many taxi services on offer outside of the airport. You’re best to speak to a few and agree on a fare depending on who is offering the cheapest rates, insist on a receipt though as some taxi drivers do like to rip off tourists. The other option is to check with your hotel as some do provide free airport transfers. This will make your journey a lot easier after your long flights to Pakistan. There are bus services too but they aren’t regular or reliable.

Karachi Airport:

There is a regular bus service that operates from the airport to the city. It takes around 50 minutes and costs on average Rs50. That is considerably cheaper than the taxi alternative which can be around Rs300 or more. However if you have a lot of baggage or don’t want to wait around for the bus then the taxi could be the next best option. Make sure to agree on a fare first though and if possible travel with friends to split the fare. Once you’ve booked your flights to Pakistan it’s worth seeing if your accommodation provides transfers from the airport. Some do and some don’t so ask the question as it’ll save you time and money once you land.

Pakistan insider information

Fans of the art scene should take a look at the art trucks around Pakistan. The unique style even puts them in this list of unconventional galleries around the world.

The Sheosar Lake in Pakistan makes this list of the 10 of the most awe-inspiring lakes in the world so make sure to pay it a visit.

When booking your flights to Pakistan, consider choosing Islamabad and go visit this spectacular sacred Faisal Mosque.

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How much do things cost in Pakistan?

Pair of Nike shoes
C$ 68.89
Large bottle of water
C$ 0.65
1 km taxi journey
C$ 0.22
1 hour taxi waiting fee
C$ 2.23
Pair of jeans
C$ 26.66
Petrol (1 litre)
C$ 0.88
Pair of Nike shoes
C$ 64.90
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
C$ 6.68
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre
C$ 161.54
Large bottle of water
C$ 0.65
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
C$ 6.96
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
C$ 1.67
Taxi - fixed fee
C$ 1.39
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
C$ 5.57
Small bottle of water (0.33 litre)
C$ 0.28
Pair of Nike shoes
C$ 37.60

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