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Can I fly to Agadir Almassira from Indonesia right now?

Information is based on travel restrictions from Indonesia to Agadir Almassira

Most visitors from Indonesia need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result and/or quarantine to enter Agadir Almassira.

COVID-19 testing requirements
Visitors from Indonesia must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 48 hours before departing to Agadir Almassira.

Quarantine requirements
Visitors from Indonesia are not required to quarantine after entering Agadir Almassira.

Health Form - Travelers are required to complete a health form before departure to Morocco. The form is available online or from the airline or ship.

Can I fly back to Indonesia from Agadir Almassira?

Returning to Indonesia from Agadir Almassira

COVID-19 testing requirements
Visitors from Agadir Almassira must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hours before departing to Indonesia.

Quarantine requirements
Visitors from Agadir Almassira are not required to quarantine after entering Indonesia.

When to fly

As Agadir is a beach destination, the best months to book a flight to Agadir are from May to August. The coastal areas are a bit cooler than inland locations making the heat more bearable. However, the sun is still strong enough to make the waters of the Atlantic Ocean pleasantly warm. This is the high season for tourists here, so prepare for things to be busy. If you book your flights to Agadir during this period, consider timing your holiday to coincide with Timitar Festival in June, which is considered to be one of the biggest festivals in the country. Every year the festival features over 40 artists from all over the world, including Africa, Europe and the Middle East, who come to entertain around 500,000 spectators in the very best of Amazigh traditional music, rap, jazz and hip hop.

During the low season months of November, January and February cheap flights to Agadir are easier to find. The average daily temperature during November is still very pleasant but this month also happens to be the wettest. Visitors taking advantage of a cheap flight to Agadir during November can enjoy its annual International Fish and Seafood Exhibition. In Agadir fish and seafood are a major industry making the exhibition a landmark event for the city, which sees over 7,000 visitors travelling to enjoy the displays from seafood and fish suppliers from all around the globe. 

Destination overview

Completely rebuilt after a major earthquake in 1960, Agadir is now the premier holiday destination in Morocco. The city itself continues to grow but, despite its large size, remains fairly easy to get around due to the New York-like grid system in place. Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, Agadir is primarily known as a world-class beach resort. Holder of the prestigious Blue Flag award, the city’s majestic main beach stretches along the coast for over 5 miles (8 km), the translucent waters of the Atlantic Ocean providing a welcome respite from the rays of the sun. The seafront promenade is constantly abuzz with bars, cafes and street traders adding to its vibrant nature.

As a beach-oriented resort, most of the activities here are centred on the waterfront area. If booking a flight to Agadir be sure to see the Marina, a modern luxury complex consisting of chic eating establishments and designer stores selling international brands. This symbol of modernity sits in complete contrast to the tranquillity of the old port area, where local fishermen ply their wares and life is lived at a slower pace. Although the vast majority of the city was rebuilt in 1960, a rare glimpse into Agadir’s past can be enjoyed at the hilltop Kasbah. Although only the outer wall of this historic citadel remains, its elevated position ensures that the views of the city and the coast are truly spectacular.

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When is the best time to fly to Agadir Almassira?


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Getting around Agadir Almassira

Buses are plentiful within the city and are the cheapest form of public transport. There are two types of taxi here, petit and grand. Petit taxis, usually orange in colour, are restricted to journeys within the city limits. A grand taxi is needed if you wish to travel to a destination outside of the city.

Getting downtown from the airport

Those taking a flight to Agadir will land at Agadir-Al Massira Airport (AGA). Situated approximately 13 miles (25 km) from the centre of the city, there are a number of transport options available. Taxis are plentiful and the main taxi rank is situated outside the arrival hall. In order to take a bus to the city, it is necessary to walk a short distance to the main road to catch the service to Inezgane. From here, there are buses which go direct to Agadir.

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What airport do you fly into for flights to Agadir?

Booking a flight to Agadir Almassira (AGA) is your only option if you intend on flying to Agadir. It is only a 19.3 km journey from Agadir Almassira to Agadir’s city centre.

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