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Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) started off as an airstrip on the beach, as the sand provided the perfect landing surface for light aircraft. Today, the airport has expanded enough to be moved off the sand, and its three paved runways and two terminal buildings are situated 5km (3 miles) southwest of central Daytona Beach.

With two larger airports (Jacksonville International Airport and Orlando International Airport) situated in Florida and relatively close to Daytona Beach – 104km (65 miles) to Orlando and 177km (110 miles) to Jacksonville - most passengers using Daytona Beach International Airport do so because it is conveniently situated in central Florida. Using a smaller airport is a great way to avoid the traffic congestion found at larger airports, and the terminals and parking areas are all nestled close together.

Most flights to Daytona Beach International Airport come from either Atlanta or Charlotte. US Airways, AirGate Aviation and Delta Air Lines are the three main carriers offering Daytona Beach flights.

Although small, Daytona Beach International Airport has all the facilities you would expect from an airport serving holidaymakers arriving and departing from the popular beaches of Florida. It is the perfect gateway to central Florida and all the treasures the beaches have to offer.

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